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Shower with clean and purest water from Anion Silk Shower Head by Vortex

HOAEY Shower Head, 200% High Pressure Lonic Filter Handheld Massage Filtration Shower Head with 3-Way Shower Setting

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  • The Handheld Water Saving Anion SPA Shower Head Bath Shower Set with Stainless Steel Hose & Holder features water filter balls inside it to filter your bathing water and fill the water with anion that is good to skin and health. It also pressurizes water, allowing you to wash clean and comfortably with less water. This handheld shower nozzle is designed to make showering a more relaxing, enjoyable spa-like experience. Made of high-grade ABS and stainless steel with chrome plating, it resists rust and is durable for long-lasting use. Don´t hesitate to buy now!

    Dechlorinating Anion Shower Head merupakan solusi untuk mengatasi adanya senyawa kaporit di dalam air yang digunakan pada waktu mandi. Di dalam Dechlorinating terdapat Chlorine Remover yang digunakan untuk menghilangkan 99% kaporit di dalam air dan Nano Silver ZP yang digunakan untuk membunuh bakteri dan kandungan logam berat di dalam air sebagai pengganti dari kaporit tetapi aman bagi tubuh.

  • Without water, the universe would be imbalanced, beaches would be desserts, and chocolate cake with chocolate fudge topped with chocolate sauce would never have been created. Today’s Groupon prioritises the important things with an anion shower head spa with sediment filter from . Choose from:

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For the Anion 101 (hand held with hose) and the Anion II ..