Raindance C 150 AIR Shower Head

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AirJet Showerhead (Fixed-Mount CHROME)

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  • The AirJet Showerhead is a mid-priced high pressure shower head with an elegant simple design. This unit has been fitted with a patented vacuum valve pressure system which will increase the pressure of the water flowing through the shower head via air intake. This unit is highly competitive in the world of water saving fixtures this is because it offers an amazing 1.5 gallons per minute water flow rate which is an impressive rate in this industry. With this flow rate and the technology used in the shower head, you are guaranteed of saving up to 50% of the water used in the bathroom and 30% energy. This simply means that you will be saving a great deal of money that would otherwise pay utility bills.

    Product Specifications /Features Water Saving Shower Head .Brand : Air Jet Shower Head (AIRJET-01) .Material : ABS, polycarbonat, Chrom Coating (International Standard) .Feature : ...

  • This aesthetically pleasing Raindance Shower Head by Hansgrohe is the ultimate addition to any shower. The Raindance Downpour Air Shower Head comes complete with 107 clog-free spray channels, air injection technology, and an innovative cleaning system. The Raindance Downpour Air Shower Head is the perfect synergy of style and functionality.

    An engineering breakthrough of three years in the making has brought us the technology of AirJet shower heads and its patented vacuum valve pressure system. A vacuum valve is built at the end of the shower head designed to increase water pressure via air intake. Along with this, AirJet also utilizes the Venturi Effect of fluid mechanics, which states that due to the Equation of Continuity and the Conservation of Energy, pressure is increased when the speed of flow is decreased. So, the vacuum valve intakes air through atmospheric pressure differences and forms highly compressed air bubbles which are intermixed with the water. This high density mixture of compressed air and water at the base of the AirJet shower head will move to the top of the shower head where there is more space. Here, the compressed air bubbles are expanded very rapidly, while simultaneously, the speed of the water slows because of there is more room. This ultimately produces explosive air expansions and increased pressure by the Venturi Effect to generate a high pressured shower while using only half of the water!

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  • I have had 3 of the air jet shower heads and all 3 broke within a week or 2 soan. It started to shoot water out of the air hole on the top, them started to shoot out water at such a high preasure that it hurt. Worst showerhead i have ever owned.

Raindance S 120 AIR 3-Jet Shower Head, Chrome | air shower head

I was the first to try the AirJet Showerhead and was delighted that it gives a very strong pressure. It was a GREAT shower!
The water pressure is not at all disappointing. The AirJet was far more impressive than our traditional shower head and it is awesome to know that we’re using LESS water than before and gaining a better shower!