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Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering Components 7-Setting Handshower, Chrome

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  • Flimsy plastic. The main issue we spotted with the Delta 75700 Handheld Shower Head is that many owners say that its plastic construction seems flimsy. A few even noticed a plastic odor in the early days of using the shower head when the hot water ran through it, although that cleared up fairly quickly. However, most are more concerned about the Delta's durability. Tightening the shower head's connection fitting to stop a leak can cause it to crack, and some report that the 75700 can also break regardless of whether or not it's in use. However, Delta backs the shower head with a limited lifetime warranty, and many reviewers say that the company is very good about honoring it. The general consensus seems to be that, for the price, it's a good value in spite of its plastic construction.

    Easy to install; adjust. Owners universally agree that the Delta 75700 Handheld Shower Head is very easy to install. Most reviewers say that the process takes only a few minutes, even for someone with no plumbing experience or tools. Users also agree that this handheld shower head is easy to use once installed. The anti-slip handle and easy-turn dial earn particular praise, with owners saying they're both easy to manipulate with wet, soapy hands. Users also find the extra-long hose handy for washing pets and cleaning the tub, but several reviews say that it's stiff and cumbersome.

  • Mixed reviews. Most users of the Delta 75700 Handheld Shower Head say that there's at least one setting they love. A few say it's like having an in-home spa. Many rave about the massage setting's ability to soothe tired muscles. Most owners say the Delta, with its 2.5-gallon-per-minute (gpm) flow rate, delivers plenty of pressure on every setting. However, there are others who say that the stream is weak, particularly if you have poor water pressure to begin with. This Delta handheld faucet is also available in a WaterSense certified, 2.0 gpm option.

    The Delta 75700 Handheld Shower Head has seven spray settings, an extra-long hose and a choice of three finishes. Installation is simple and straightforward. Most users are also pleased with the feel of the shower, although some complain that the flow is too weak.

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